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The specs are as follows:

4,000 lb per square inch concrete

We use two re-enforcers to help strengthen the concrete

1: Steel wire mesh (is laid throughout the job like a network to help keep the concrete together in the freeze thaw times of the year)

2: Fiber mesh is mixed in the concrete and also helps to strengthen the concrete.


The Process

Day 1:

FORM DAY (may take more than one day due to any excavation or fill needs)

We come in and check grades. With a laser level.

We then set the pitch of the forms. Pitch is the angle we put on the concrete in order to get the water to run of the concrete.

Next we set the forms up loosely to the specs we discussed during the estimate process.

Once finished we wait for your approval of the way the forms are set.


Day 2:

We adjust the forms where needed, then we set the pitch to the correct heights and lock in the forms.


Day 3:

POUR DAY (may take more then one day due to the square footage of the job)

We do final prep on the day of the pour which consists of:

We lay in steel wire mesh.

We place cantilever forms on the pool edge. Forms only used in cantilever pool decks/cantilever simply means the concrete goes over the edge of the pool and gives the deck a rock faced finis to the edge of the pool.

The concrete truck arrives on the job. We then take the customer's chosen color and color the concrete in the truck.

Once the concrete is thoroughly mixed (concrete color may vary from truck to truck this only applies to jobs larger than 800 square feet) we start the pour.

Once pouring is complete we cast the second customer chosen color, called release agent or the highlighting color that gives the two tone look in the grooves and definition of the customer chosen pattern.

Once the concrete has set up a little the stamping process begins. Once the stamping is completed, we are done for that day. From that point on no one is allowed on the concrete until we give you further instruction.


Day 4:


Begins with cutting the expansion joints in the concrete. This step may be done the day of the pour depending on the weather. Expansion joints are to help with controlling cracks we weaken the surface of the concrete to try to get it to crack where we place the cuts. If cracks do deviate from the cuts we make that is not a problem being stamped concrete the cracks are easily masked and it does not mean the concrete is defective.

Next step we wash the concrete off and remove the forms.

We walk the deck and look for any sharp edges and we sand them down. If we miss any sharps you can simple take a rock and it the rough spot or give us a call if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself

Finally we put two coats of sealer on the concrete. You must wait 24 hours before you can walk on the concrete. Sealer may take up to two weeks to fully dry in thicker spots depending on weather.